Why You Should Talk Back to Your Body

You’ve Listened … Now it’s Your Turn

We’ve already talked about listening to your body and how it relates to your success in life. Now it’s time to start telling your body what to do.

What I’m referring to, in a roundabout way, is exercise!

Working out, breaking a sweat, #beastmode, whatever you choose to call it, physical activity is a habit that’s equally as important as eating clean, getting enough sleep, and drinking plenty of water.

“Duh, John… Everybody knows that. What’s your point?” My point is it’s not just about working out for the sake of being healthy …

It’s about gaining momentum.

I think we can all agree that momentum, in general, is a great feeling. Whether it be from consistently increased profits, being on a creative roll, or just a pattern of good things happening any given day, momentum is awesome.

And the simplest and most readily available way to experience momentum is … you guessed it, with your own body!

Obviously, momentum has varying levels. Right now I’m not talking about massive all-out action right off the bat. Even the highest levels of momentum have to start somewhere. And THAT’S the beauty of it. That being said, you don’t have to immediately start conquering the gym to get some momentum.

Ever heard the phrase “walk before you run”? Well, that’s exactly what I mean.

And while we’re on the topic of walking, I want to share with you a valuable habit that I’ve picked up that has helped me a TON with not only physical momentum but creative momentum as well!

Not only is it super effective for that, but it’s also super easy and doesn’t take much time at all. It’s something I’ll never stop doing, and I strongly recommend you start doing this yourself, starting today …


Take A Chess Walk

A few years ago, I learned about taking something called a daily “chess walk.” To this day I forget exactly why it’s called that, but that doesn’t take away the fact that it has helped me in profound ways. And this is all it is: every day, take a 20-30 minute walk with the intent of clearing your head and brainstorming new ideas.

The intent is VERY important because this isn’t meant to be an aimless walk with just your body moving. Your brain will be moving as well.

The path of an entrepreneur is not the easiest road, and often you can find yourself feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. And this straight up kills creativity.

So when I find myself lacking in ideas to improve my businesses or start new ones, I stop thinking about it and take to the nearest sidewalk or hiking trail I can find and start walking.

You’d be amazed how a simple walk will make your thoughts start to slow down and the next thing you know, you’re finding inspiration in all kinds of ways that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

No joke, most of my best ideas came from taking these walks.

It’s something I just can’t explain. When your mind is clear, it becomes like some kind of idea magnet. The creativity just starts to flow naturally, and you find yourself coming up with things in a whole new way.

It’s even better to walk with a companion or two, so you can bounce ideas off of each other. Occasionally I’ll have members of my team chess walk with me, and it’s an even more productive and enjoyable experience!

What’s funny is that when I talk with people who go on frequent runs, they tell me the main reason they do it is because it clears their heads and quiets the noise of the world around them. And a lot of these people, myself included, actually hate running!

But that feeling of clarity is so rewarding, that they will put themselves through it just to be in that headspace again. And the best part is that you can achieve that same clarity by walking as well.

To top all of that off, your body is getting healthy doses of physical momentum at the same time. And trust me, after you’ve been doing enough of these chess walks on the daily, neither your body or mind will want you to stop.

That is SO powerful to me because it shows how much our bodies naturally respond well to momentum! It’s kinda crazy!!

And if you haven’t pieced it together by now, being in that state of mind and body can work wonders with how you approach your business, as well as other areas of your life. For all we know, starting with something as simple as a daily chess walk can be the catalyst you need to lead you to the results you want! Not a bad deal, right?

If you combine the importance of listening to your body (aka giving it what it needs) with telling your body what to do (aka pushing it to gain momentum), you’re already on your way to being successful with your own SELF.

And that is the perfect starting point to being successful in your life. Because remember, the choices you make inwardly (your body and mind) affect the choices you make outwardly (your life and career).

So start today. Take that first chess walk and let the physical and creative momentum flow!

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  1. Speak the truth! Without health – you have nothing, or if you do have something, you’ll no longer be able to afford it for having to pay medical bills for easily preventable diseases.

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