Listening to Your Body is a Key Component to Your Success

And 3 Ways to Respond

You may have heard that it’s important to “listen to your body”, But do you actually do that?

When you feel jitters from drinking too much coffee in the morning. Or when your eyes hurt because you know you haven’t gotten enough sleep. Or maybe when your stomach aches after that big meal. Do you take those feelings seriously?

These are clear signals of our bodies telling us “THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR ME.” And yet we persist and make the same unhealthy choices because that’s what we feel we need to get through the day.

I know I spend a lot of time talking about financial success, being an entrepreneur, and all that good stuff. But I want to take the time to discuss a correlation to success that often goes overlooked: your physical health.

You may have heard this before. Health and fitness have become a pretty prolific message on the Internet these days (which is a good thing!) But I haven’t seen too many people talk about how taking care of your body and making healthy choices is, in a way, a precursor to leading a successful life.

How? Because the choices you make inwardly (your body and mind) affect the choices you make outwardly (your life and career).

Without getting too philosophical, I want to offer you 3 small changes you can make RIGHT NOW to get you started on giving your body the positive treatment it deserves. If you follow these 3 things every day, I guarantee that your life, and by extension your business will change for the better.


Only Drink Water

No, not just drink more water. ONLY drink water! As in any time you’re thirsty and want to reach for something to drink, make sure it’s water.

I’m not saying do this forever (although it wouldn’t hurt) but if you already feel like you don’t drink enough water or if you don’t even think about it, chances are you could use a “cleansing” period where you drink water exclusively for an extended period of time. Try for a minimum of 30 days and see how you feel by the end of it.

Some of you who have watched my videos know I drink a lot of kombucha, which is one of my favorite healthy drinks. But it is never a substitute for water, nothing should ever be that.

Here’s a great tip I learned on how to “trick” yourself into drinking more water than you may normally do: get one of those big bottles (2 liters or more), fill it up with water, and keep it with you throughout the day.

See, what happens is when we drink a full glass or 16 oz bottle, often we think we’ve had a sufficient amount of water and can go the rest of the day without drinking more. But basic human psychology will drive us to attempt to finish the 2 liters of water in front of us. And just like that, you’re already drinking more water and not even thinking about it!


Get Enough Sleep

#teamnosleep… Yeah, right.

This is a big one for me because I understand the “hustle and grind” lifestyle is synonymous with sleeping less. But this is just not a winning combination.

The reason is that the life of an entrepreneur requires a TON of energy and motivation, especially if you already have a supplemental day job to keep you afloat while you’re building your business. Not to mention if you have spouses and kids, it can just get crazy!

If you are fulfilling all of your obligations to your day job and your family first and then trying to use the hours you would normally be sleeping to work on your business, you need to rethink your strategy. I understand that “there aren’t enough hours in the day” is a phrase thrown around a lot, and we can all relate. But it’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter.

What’s not smart: you taking on a feat like being an entrepreneur and approaching it with the energy of a tired person!

Take care of yourself first. Get enough rest so you can have the energy to consistently tackle the trials and tribulations along your journey. You’ll be glad you did.


Eat REAL Food

“Real” is not relative here, but what I mean is eat natural foods. Foods that you know came from the earth. I’m not saying all man-made foods are bad, but you’re better off trusting in what nature provides.

I was once told that food is not only fuel for your body but information. Information that your body processes, either taking it towards its genetic potential or away from it. And nature intuitively knows how to provide food that is meant to take our bodies in the right direction.

Besides from buying organic (I know it can be expensive) try this out next time you’re at the grocery store: when you look at a food item you want to buy, take a look at the ingredients. If it looks like a paragraph of stuff you can barely pronounce, it’s probably not the kind of food you should put in your body. The fewer the ingredients, the better.

Also, this is why cooking food at home is important. Because you know exactly what ingredients are going into what you’re going to eat. Not only is it a more sensible option financially, like I mention in my last blog post, but it’s the healthier option too! Makes sense, right?


These 3 things I’m sharing with you are meant to be simple, actionable changes that you can make starting today!

It reminds me of the phrase “how you do anything is how to you everything.” Translation: the way you do one thing reflects how you do all the things.

That being said, I recommend that you make that “one thing” your body. Start paying attention to what it’s telling you and respond by applying these 3 tips I mentioned. Once you’re doing great and positive things for your own health, imagine how that will reflect on your business and every other aspect of your life!

Go ahead, imagine it! Now get started 😉

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3 Responses

  1. Ranessa Gomez says:

    I’VE LOST OVER 65 LBS IN 4 months!!! WITHOUT EXERCISING!!! DIET CHANGE ONLY! I’ve been on the road of changing my diet (for life) for over 25 years, almost, all on my own. I’m 39 years old, female. I’ve seen dietitians, Drs, gone through diet programs,googled a whole lot (and continue to do so),exercised and other things. At the first of April, this year 2017(I weighed OVER 422 lbs and wore size 28 in jeans&couldn’t hardly wear them any longer, I was contemplating sweats-noooo!),I began lazy Keto. TODAY (08/01/17)I WEIGH 360.2 LBS! AND CAN SQUEEZE INTO(SAME BRAND OF JEANS) SIZE 22!!!! I wear size 24,comfortably and loosely! I stopped(abruptly) drinking (any) sugars, stopped consuming grains (of any kind), stopped eating starches, stopped consuming (any) candies and snacks(of any kind), no chips, no popcorn, etc. I began drinking a protein shake (as my crutch till I leaned what I can eat and what I couldn’t). I used the “6 Star” brand powder shake mix and used 1/2 water&1/2 whole milk (the percentages and skims have too much lactose, that turn to sugar in your body)and 1/4 cup hwc(heavy whipping cream) in a shaker bottle 2-3X/ day. I began drinking “bullet proof coffee: (bpc) each morning with 1-2tbsps real butter, 1-2tbsps coconut oil and I used to add”Hill’s Brother’s”(sweetened with splenda) cappuccino double cocoa and French vanilla to it(it has some carbs in it, so I hardly use it anymore). I eat high fat(the”good”fats), stopped using the”bad”fats. Ate higher protein, green vegetables and occasionally get off my diet to carb up (absolutely necessary). I take vitamins and supplements, add salt to, almost, everything (I drink salty water here and there or salty broth to keep the “absolutely”(not minimal) necessary mineral level needed to survive). I have blood work done from time to time to check my nutrient levels (always necessary for good health anyway you look at it,)you never know till you have your blood checked). My mood has changed for the better, I have energy I didn’t have before, I’m not sleeping all day like I used to,I don’t snore like I used to, people compliment on how so much better I am on so many levels! I have tried to maintain (not lose any weight) for about 6 weeks now and had lost an additional 15 lbs.*It can be dangerous to lose too much weight too quickly, so I was trying to maintain. The entire point to lose weight and/ or better your health is this: “IF” “YOU” “WANT” “TO” “LOSE” “WEIGHT”,”YOU” “WILL” “FIND” “A” “WAY” “TO” “ACCOMPLISH” “YOUR” “GOALS”!!! NO ONE CAN DO IT FOR YOU! Good luck and may God be with us all! 🤗😇 Thanks for reading🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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